Simple steps to get your customize office cubicle workstation

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Step 1

Contact us with your requirements or let us know the specifications (e.g. size, colour, configuration) of cubicle partition & workstation you want. Our consultation team will assist and provide suggestion to you.

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Step 2

After understanding your requirements and quantity, we will send a quotation for you to review.

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Step 3

Our production team will start to process the order after your confirmation with the quotation.

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Step 4

Once completion of your products, installation team will deliver the products to the site and install. After installation complete, we will check on the site of the products and installation work.


About Us

CubeLink Group Office System, headquartered in Johor, Malaysia, boasts over 15 years of expertise in manufacturing & supply top-notch office cubicles. Our commitment revolves around placing customer satisfaction at the pinnacle of our operations. At CubeLink Group Office System, every interaction underscores our unwavering dedication to responsiveness, reliability, and surpassing customer anticipations.

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At CubeLink Group Office System, customer satisfaction isn't just a priority—it's our guiding principle, driving every aspect of our operations to exceed expectations.

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